House of Hurley {Part 1}

About a year and a half ago we {mostly me} ripping the house apart.

I ripped up the kitchen, the trim, the carpet, and felt like an HGTV star with a cute hammer entirely too big for my 5’3 frame.

Husband taught me how to help lay flooring, I have repainted, built end tables, painted more furniture for the girls’ room, made curtains…

He and his dad installed new kitchen cabinets, made wooden slab countertops, installed pipe shelves, a ‘pallet’ wall, hung pictures, installed appliances, shiplapped the kitchen, made a custom chest/bench from family barnwood, and probably 12 more things I can’t think of…

We’re on the down hill slope– yes it has taken time since most of the work has been done by us, but that’s ok.

So here are some before and afters…



This has been so fun to do– stressful yes at times.

More updates to come once we finish!