I am…

no Betty Crocker…

I also know this is my second post of the night, but this is my blog and I do what I want {appropriately or my momma will fuss at me}.

Do I like to cook, do I cook, do I read recipes, do I make up things as I go?

All. the. time. {throw some hand claps between those words if you would}

A favorite around here are BBQ tacos {from the crockpot}

They are easy, quick, and make a ‘bunch’.

First. Go to the local Walmarts… or whatever place you shop. If you’re only needing a couple things {and feel like having pizza after working so hard on shopping} you hit up the CashSaver, otherwise known as Terry’s, in Waldo}

Get you a pack of flour torillas {soft taco sized… burrito if you’re feeling like a competitive eater…fajita if you’re thinking thin}.

Get you a pork loin roast {about a $5-$7 one is good for about 8-10 soft taco sized wraps}

Get you a package of either french onions or onion rings {onion rings are my personal favorite but the french onions are just so easy to throw on}

Get some shredded cheese {monterrey jack is good or even pepper jack for some added spice}

Get some BBQ sauce {or buy a jar of homemade from yours truly if you like sweet & spicy} and snatch a Coke or Dr. Pepper at the check out.

Most importantly– get the crock pot liners. Also, get a crock pot if you don’t have one of those either.

First. Put the liner in. No one likes to wash a crock pot. {that’s a sin close to that of refusing chips & queso}

Next, put the pork loin roast in and pour about half the 20oz Coke {or DP} over it. Then Generously cover it with BBQ sauce, but make sure to save some to mix with the meat later.

Set your crock pot to LOW… I repeat LOW…or it will burn. Let it sit on LOW {again LOW}for 8 1/2 hours {more like 9 1/2 if you feel like that extra hour of sleep}. I like to set it to cook over night so I can shred it in the morning, and make tacos that night.

After your pork is done cooking, take it out and shred in a large mixing bowl of some sort. Then mix in the remaining BBQ sauce to your liking. I like to put just enough on that it has flavor—not soppy like sloppy joes.

Now get your other supplies out– tortillas, onions of some sort, and shredded cheese. {jalepenos are also a good option to add}


Lay a tortilla flat, fill with a good spoonful or 2 of bbq meat, give a little extra sauce on top if you want, sprinkle with your shredded cheese, be generous with the french onions or onion rings, now roll it up and enjoy!

These are a weekly favorite– I usually make them then wrap in foil to keep in the fridge. They’re perfect to just grab a couple and go to work– especially for the husband since he goes to work at such funny hours as it is. They’re also easy for him to grab going out the door to work cows or get on a tractor.


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