Make-Up Routine

Anyone else have a specific morning routine?

{Yea me neither}

So for Christmas, my parents got me an iHome make-up mirror that I absolutely LOVE. It has the LED lights, a USB port for charging my phone, and a Bluetooth speaker. You can adjust the lights as needed too which is great. These kinds of mirrors are usually really expensive if you get a good one {or they are to me, I’m not up for paying over $100 for a mirror like this}.

This is the kind I have–

Here’s one with the double-sided zoom on it–

Everly even loves it when she helps me during our early mornings. We have a little concert, she helps with my eyeliner so I know its even, and Piper uses it to make sure she gets all her moisturizer on– like I said, DI-VA.

We also love this little gem

It’s not your typical scary gooey plastic-y mask that you see all the videos of people whining and crying as they rip it off.

Link here:

First of all, you need to know how to apply it correctly– notice on the instructions to avoid eyebrows, hairline, and eye area in general. Don’t get it on that tender skin right under your eyes– that will hurt.

It does not have to be super thick, just a generous amount and smooth it over your T-zone, chin, and cheeks. I do my “whole face” once every 2 weeks and then do my nose twice a week for good measure– noses are gross and you know it.

This is like doing those blackhead strips, but cheaper and better.

This was the first time I did the mask…

{I mean where did all that come from}

Price wise it’s not bad whatsoever when you think about how many uses you get out of it, and compared to buying the box of 14 nose/face blackhead strips for like $8.

You get more uses out of this mask for sure.


another update as far as make-up & beauty products…

So that tanning lotion/spray {click to order!}– I think the spray is definitely my favorite.

I haven’t reapplied anything since I tried it last week and it hasn’t faded or anything. IT LOOKS SO GOOD!

Yes, I’ve bathed, put regular Dr. Teal’s lotion on {that’s some good stuff too}, and worn pants, leggings, and all the usual work clothes.

It hasn’t rubbed off or gotten splotchy or anything.

{So that’s your update on fun stuff I’ve tried out and think it’s share worthy}


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