These Girls {Pt. 1}

Both of these girls of ours are definitely their own little people.

{We love it}

Piper is a straight up diva, yes she is so particular and likes things a certain way #pickyourbattles because if these are the only ones I have to worry about right now, I’m not complaining.

If she wants to wear tall black striped socks, heels, and a dress with floppy pigtails.

Go’head gurl.

Where is my reason to fight her wanting to be girly and unique when she says yes ma’am, no sir, excuse me, please, and thank you. Why would I choose to nit-pick something like that when she is being kind and respectful, AND took the initiative to get herself ready for the day {and proud of it might I say.}

Where is my reason to fight her when she wants to mix match and carry a stuffed dinosaur or creepy Louise {baby doll– stay tuned later for an explanation} with us to the Walmarts when she unloads the dishwasher, puts her finished supper plate in/next to the sink, helps take care of Everly Rose {she will feed her if I need an extra hand and doesn’t whine– y’all that’s a God-send when Momma needs to go to the potty real quick}, and will help tidy-up when asked.

Picking. Our. Battles.

Make them be good humans with kind hearts with empathy, responsibility, and the rest will fall into place. Eventually {hopefully}, she will grow out of the mix-matching, high heeled thing, and wanting to combine all the bath bombs.


We want to be kind, respectful, and still be our own person. We can be fabulous, fancy, and fantastic all while being a little lady with a kind heart and good morals.  


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