It is no secret that my child had the most incredible obsession with the one and only Peppa Pig.

The whole family really.

Of all shows to be infatuated with, I’m totally fine with Peppa.

Who wouldn’t mind their kid watching something where they use manners, generally act polite, resolve problems, and actually play like children play.

Do they fuss a little between the kids…yes, but they aren’t ugly to each other and they ultimately resolve the issue they are having in a respectable manner. I’m ok with that. Better for her to learn now that there are going to be problems with others, but you need to find a solution to resolve it.

Skills y’all. Teach them early.

So the obsession began very early…that’s all she watched.

{Again, totally fine with it.}

Then the character clothing started….

Oof. Just oof. Don’t ask me my opinion.

I had to take deep breaths on the character clothing. Not my thing. Not my favorite. Although, who am I to tell my tiny precious she can’t wear a sweet pink piggy who speaks in the most adorable accent on her tshirt. I am no one in this situation.

So we had Peppa shirts, Peppa dresses, Peppa shoes, Peppa blankets {still}, and we had DVD’s & DVR recordings. When we switched our satellite provider, we bought the seasons on Amazon to appease the Peppa loving precious.

Then the mimicking started…

And thus my favorite memory of my first tiny precious.

Still ok with it at this point because she is being so polite, plays nicely with her figurines, uses her Peppa bath soaps to scrub, sleeps in her Peppa pj’s, but then we noticed it…

The child had an accent…

Not just your accent like from where we’re from with the “y’alls” and long drawn out words…


I can’t make this stuff up.

I just can’t. I can’t even lie that I prayed that she would stay a little British speaking child because it sounds so awesome.

One night I finally got it on video while she was playing in her bubbles & counting like her Honey taught her.

{side note: Honey is my retired teacher of a momma who keeps both girls while I work. Honey also makes sure that Piper is well educated for her age, and sometimes above. When she corrected her own grammar one day in using the word ‘well’ I was a tad beside myself.}

Again, I can’t make this stuff up.

So she began to count. Then she did it again {insert the British-ness here}. And again. So I finally got the phone out to video.

So for your pleasure {and genuine evidence of the South Arkansas British 2 year old}…

Click the link to see the video on our facebook!


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