Piper Logic {Episode 1}

First of all, tonight was a night that called for macaroni in the microwave. It’s Thursday, tomorrow is the end of the school week, and Momma is tired. A bowl of that yellow fake cheese & noodles does the soul good in that situation.

Second of all, we had new babies born this week {Thank ya Jesus}

There is nothing cuter than those “little” creatures and their insanely long eyelashes. It’s even cuter when they get their spunk and play in the pastures.

Which leads me to my next point…

Piper has several theories & her own logic about how life works.

She’s 4. I am not going to ever discourage her from thinking situations and things through for herself. Will we correct her at appropriate times? Absolutely, but this was not the time.

So I’d like to show the logic that is Piper’s about cows.

About a week ago, she went with her daddy to check cows and make his rounds that morning.

Being a daddy, he was pointing and showing her things on the farm and visiting with her and all the daddy things to spend time with her.

Especially the talking part.

Which then led to this conversation that I was given a full report on.

Apparently he showed her a new baby calf that was a different color than its momma…

“That calf doesn’t belong to her because she isn’t the same color.”

He wasn’t even going to try to explain those genetics…

“I want to have cows forever.”

Fair point….

She apparently asked her daddy if he milked the cows…{no we don’t, then their babies wouldn’t have anything to eat–he realized quickly this was the wrong thing to say}

“No Daddy. Babies eat hay. You HAVE to milk the cows so people get milk for their breakfrast” {Please take note of the extra ‘r’ for pronunciation purposes….this falls closely in line with saying liberry in my book}

They then take a tractor ride…

I get a text saying he is wearing the seatbelt in the tractor for probably the first time ever.{Do what? I didn’t even know it had one}

In the orange one, he has a ‘buddy seat’ for whoever rides along with him–obviously Piper and one day Everly. It’s small and has a seatbelt. Him being a daddy strapped her in.

“Daddy you forgot something”

{Daddy looks and was a tad confused”

“You need your seatbelt on so you don’t fall out. The tractor doesn’t move til you put it on.”

Mic drop.

So needless to say, when shown the pictures of the new calves, I was given a lecture that those babies don’t go with those mommas.

{sure. whatever you say baby girl. one day we’ll discuss how genetics work.}

Happy soon-to-be Friday folks. Make sure to milk all the cows to have your breakfrast tomorrow.


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