Mom Hacks {Episode 1}

As you have learned by now, I was young {even still} when I had Piper.

The only reason I had any earthly idea of what to remotely do was because I had babysat & kept kids since I was 12.

One of my now seniors that I have at school taught me to put a baby bottle together when he was like 18 months old…

So I’ve learned a few things, but I will say at the ripe age of 21 years old I was smart on stocking up on things.

I still like to stock up and buy things in bulk, but sometimes you can’t afford the large bulk price. {We’ll discuss my bulk buying in Episode 2}

{BUT} you can always buy a little bit at a time to prepare for things like, I don’t know, say a baby.

The best thing I ever did when I found out I was pregnant was to start buying diapers immediately.

I was a tad bit of a brand snob, and I liked Luvs when I had Piper.

I bought 1 package a week with a package of Parents’ Choice wipes.

Every. Single. Week.

Until I had her. {So week 11 to week 39}

This time around with Everly Rose {which I knew a little earlier I was pregnant so I slipped in a few extra packs} not so much a brand snob.

To the new mommas– GIRL.

Buy. That. Store. Brand. {if your baby doesn’t have any kind of allergic reaction and need some sort of special kind– that’s totally different. Do you Boo.}

You as a good momma are going to change that baby so often, it doesnt matter how snuggly, huggy, or leak proof for up to 12 hours those diapers are.

Because a good momma is not going to let their baby sit in a diaper for 12 hours…

{Don’t be lazy. Get up and change them in the night whether they are crying or not.}

So what does it matter that it will hold for that long.

Those $4.84 Parents’ Choice diapers and wipes work just as good with no leaks, slippage, or anything weird happening.

My child is just as loved and snuggled in the cheap diapers & wipes.

Because since this momma bought a package or 2 or a box {depending on funds & sales} a week from 7 weeks pregnant up until 38 weeks upon delivery…

I have yet to have to buy any kind of diaper or wipe since I actually had her.

{Back in July}

Not sure on sizes? Guess what? Walmart is there to help. As long as you are exchanging diapers for diapers, they don’t care. You get what you need and they are happy to trade any unopen packages. BUT it has to be diapers for diapers–of greater or equal value.

I typically bought 5-6 packs of NB, 6-8 packs of 1’s, then every other week grabbed a 2 or 3.

So when ER outgrew the NB & 1’s, I took all of those packages I had, traded for 2’s & 3’s, and am still going strong at 6 1/2 months of not buying any packs of diapers or wipes.


Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

And no that’s not the dirty clothes basket. That is the “outgrown” basket.

Another smart idea. Keep 2 baskets in the closet.

Clothes too small for the kiddos? Toss them in the sort at the end of the season to donate or pass on or sell.

Exhibit C.

{I always keep an open pack in the dresser drawer. Just easier to grab.}

Another smarticle particle I do in their room–2 little baskets for socks. One for the married couples and one for the single seeking mates. Then if I get a loner, I can just look in that little basket and match it and move on. No searching everywhere and seeing if a dog snatched it.

I have a certain toddler who sometimes gets distressed if the socks aren’t matched correctly.

While I on the other hand could care less…

Am I going to eventually buy packages of diapers? Absolutely. But not right now or the next 2 months {at the least} while we’re finishing paying hospital bills, formula, and other baby things.

Diapers & wipes are 2 less things to worry about.

So stock up new moms. Buy 1 or 2 things a week. Then you’re not bombarded with buying things when you and the baby get home.

The less you have to worry over, the better.


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