Off the Wagon

1st of the year, we were gung-ho all on the weight-loss wagon, even won my weight-loss challenge in my Revitalu FB Group I’m in…

Then for a week I thought “oh we’ll reset…” and I cooked like “normal”

Just oof.

Just bad.

Bad things happened. Because a week turned into 2…

and I went up some pounds that we won’t talk about so back on the band wagon I go.

Husband didn’t fall off really with all his “I’m just going to drink a protein shake”-ness…

But ya know, men are different…

Men haven’t had 2 children, still don’t feel quite normal from their C-section, and there’s of course a couple other differences…

So back on the band wagon of weight-loss we go.

So here’s my accountability.

Nope I’m not posting a scale picture this week because that would just send me into emotional eating of the chocolates I made the other day & putting on more pounds I’d already lost.

But I will tell you I weighed 234lbs the day I delivered Baby #2.

There is atleast a minimum of 40lbs gone give or take with the recent “normal eating” which was a bad idea.

So maybe that was a good reset, and the pounds can melt off some more.

It’s like I can eat one normal meal (not over eat, literally just eat some mashed potatoes & a biscuit with my protein) and whammy—there’s the 5lbs it took you a few days of hard core no-carbing it to lose.

So back we go.

I got another thing of Revitalu in yesterday, I meal planned for next week, made my list, clipped my coupons, and finally found a plan to get some moderate exercise in besides just carrying a 20lb baby on my hip.

{key word is moderate…C-sections take quite a bit to feel “normal” to be able to fully exercise without feeling like your insides are going to fall out or split in half. Let’s be real here Mommas. Now if you had the courage and the strength to go full force into p90X or some other workout program or Beach Body or something right after your 6 weeks of recovery. Ku.Dos.To.YOU. Because not me. If I even scurry too quickly I feel a little iffy sometimes.}

So again. Back we go.

Now here’s my accountability.

Our meals for the next week:

  1. Grilled Chicken Strips marinated in Italian Dressing
  2. Protein Waffles
  3. Pizza Cups {yes I’ll give you a recipe when I make them this weekend}
  4. Taco Salad
  5. Just plain salad—yes we actually enjoy just plain salad {and 2 TB of ranch has very little carbs}
  6. Loaded cauliflower–{Pictures to come—it is SO good. Load some mashed cauliflower with BBQ, cheese, peppers}
  7. Smoked Ribs & Sausage

That may sound like a ton of food to some, but between the 3 of us who eat breakfast, lunch, and supper at different times and workplaces and need snacks in between, this might last the whole week.

Here’s my grocery list, and yes I LOVE these organizers.

{IB means Ibotta rebate available. Seriously easy cash back through venmo or paypal or giftcards– you can sign up at }

Some ingredients I need for these meals I already have and we have some fruit for snacks and with the extra cheese slices I’m going to make some cheez-it like crackers.

And yes the dogs are out of food. They also are quite picky—they prefer the green Rachel Ray.

Check back for meal prep pictures on Instagram {click the link on the side to follow} and a meal prep post with recipes!

It may not follow the strict guidelines of “Super Low Carb” or Keto or whatever, but it works for us.

AND it helps my toddler will eat it all too!

Her favorite? Salad with ranch.

What’s your favorite “diet” food or meal?

Post in the Facebook comments {and share the post} to be entered in this week’s giveaway!


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