First Word Problems

You see the hastag everywhere….

“OMG I told them no pickles on my burger #firstworldproblems”

Now in reality, people sometimes take this too far.

But tonight, I’m going to give you a few of mine that range from #teacherproblems to #firstworldproblems to #momproblems

So if you need a good laugh, here it is.

{disclaimer: I am in no way having a gripe sesh about anything. This is just all fun and games because I’m a blogging geek who thinks she’s funny at times.}


1.I forgot to buy more paper plates before work {and too lazy to get out of my desk chair to go get one from my neighboring teacher} so I ate my freshly grilled bbq chicken strips from a styrofoam cup I had by my personal classroom microwave.

2. In the midst of looking in the fridge on what nicely and thoughtfully and healthy prepped food to get out for our supper tonight, my 4 year old is adamant she wants only a tortilla and Lay’s BBQ chips….

“Piper I can make it a cheese wrap with some turkey?”

No. Just the taco shell.

“Why don’t you let me make it a taco? I have BBQ I could put in it with cheese or some hamburger meat?”

No. I said just the shell.

{demon. glaring. toddler. eyes}

3. I couldn’t connect my spotify to my car this morning so I was forced to use apple music, then halfway to school I realized my bluetooth was off on my phone.

4. In the midst of realizing my bluetooth was off, I learned my apple watch was not charged. Uhhhhh how will I ever know what is going on without my watch that I basically use to count my steps and don’t know how to really use…

5. My face is {so} dry so I had to do a face mask tonight & I REALLY wanted to eat the last leftover strawberry but my mask was already hardened and I couldn’t open my mouth to eat.

I mean that last one is a doozy because then I sat to take it off while getting Piper all snuggled and settled and forgot my strawberry. Then I had to get back up and go all the way back to the kitchen.

So much unnecessary moving around going on…

Like I just want to sit.

But the strawberry…

So I got up. And then came back to sit. And here I am typing.

Then realized I’m thirsty.

It’s like the adult version of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”

So many ‘thens’ going on like a huge chain reaction.

So I got my purple water as we call it {bottled water with grape flavoring} and got myself settled back in my nest with my 4 pillows and 3 blankets and the fan turned just right.

Because I’m a weirdo. And I like being a weirdo.

Now here I am typing.

The next post for Valentine’s is also a doozy.

Because I am not an emotional, lovey dovey, human.

At all.

#teamnofeelings #teamdonthugme #teamdonttouchme #Ilovepeoplefromadistance


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