It Was a Steal {Literally}

I promised to explain so here it is.

As stated before, I can’t make this stuff up.

My wedding dress is stolen.

Or something like that.

Depends on what angle you want to take.

Did we pay for it—yes.

SO no there was no illegalness to it before you read on.

We went to the absolutely magically, fabulous bridal experience that is Lowe’s Bridal in Brinkley, AR.

To put this in perspective…

When we got engaged, I had everything booked & planned within 2 weeks.

Within 3 weeks we went dress shopping at the famous Lowe’s sale.

First of all, my mother was sick.

She was a trooper.

Second of all, I drove because my stomach can not handle riding in cars.

And lastly, my mother-in-law was a trooper in general to go with us and suffer through my driving.


Stayce fell asleep in the back seat, so it was getting close to lunch, and my appointment wasn’t until later so I thought—hey there’s a sign for Cabot.

Cabot is familiar. Cabot is safe. Cabot has a Sonic. Sonic is good. Sonic has cokes. We shall go to the Sonic in the Cabot. Logical plan to my 21 year old ‘excited to try on princess dresses’ self.

My ignorant self didn’t know Cabot was actually off the path of Brinkley, but the sign said there was a Sonic so I veered that way.

My mom woke up, and asked where we were.

Cabot. Stayce we’re in Cabot to get something to snack on and drink at Sonic. Proud yet?

“What on earth. Why Hannah”

Well because I recognized the name.

{face palm}

So we got back on the road after what I distinctly remember as the pretzel bun hot dog & cokes.

We get there. Fill out the survey so my sweet little helper knows what I’m looking for and away we went.

We scoured the place. Girls are snatching dresses over each other’s hands, workers are flipping through dress bags like crazy, and I’m having the best time ever.

It’s like Arkansas’s version of Say Yes to the Dress.

So after about 2 hours I have this 1 dress in my hands that I think I just love—kind of snowflaky, spaghetti strap, tulle, lace, I’m thinking winter wonderlandish to go with my winter wedding…

The girl helping us could tell I just wasn’t “in love” nor was it “the dress.” So she took us to one more area where there were dresses to see what she could find in my criteria.

{During the next part I’m sitting in a dressing room waiting}

So my mom & mother-in-law to be are sitting by the mirror/podeum area where girls are modeling their dresses for their people, and they see this one young lady get up on the podeum in this bedazzled & pearled & sequined bodice and ruffled bottom with a beautiful train.

Stayce proceeds to tell my helper girl….

“I’m going to need you to get that dress off her for Hannah. That’s her dress.”

So my helper girl did just that….

She waited outside that girl’s dressing room with the other worker…and waited…and waited…to see if she was going to take it off or not.

She finally did, and I was brought this dress that she prefaced with…

“Your mom thinks you should try this on. The sizing on this one is weird because it’s European sizing, but I think it’ll work.”

Slips dress on.

Dress fits like the dang travelling pants on America Ferrara y’all.


If that wasn’t the first sign I don’t know what was.

So we walk out.

And the “oooooooh & ahhhhhhhs” start.

The next thing out of my mouth sealed the deal.

“I’m going to need you to bring me the biggest, most bedazzled headband you have in this joint.”

Sweet precious brings a dainty beaded headband that ties.

“No ma’am. The biggest, most bedazzled. Not a ribbon with glitter on it.”

The next thing she brought was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on…

When she brought it out I swear angels sang.

It totally perfected the perfectly fitting gown & I did the standard staircase picture of finding the dress at Lowe’s Bridal.

And then I went to take it off, and we found out it was actually a sample gown that wasn’t technically part of the sale.

So there goes Stayce.

“Well can we not buy the sample because it fit perfectly and her wedding is in 5 months.”

So they worked some more Lowe’s magic and that’s exactly what we did…

We bought the sample.

And then the questions started…

“Has anyone seen the ‘bladee-da brand with the sweetheart bodice with the organza train with ruffles’ that {insert bride’s name} had on?”

Nerp. We did not. We do not have it. It’s not here. I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you attempt to open this white bridal bag I will not be held responsible for what will happen.


So as they are searching for said gown…

We left with said gown…

And I hope that sweet girl found her another dress.

Because finder’s keeper’s.

Sorry not sorry.


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