Eating {Storytime}

Everly is {as I’ve stated before} going to be our highly, extremely adventurous child.

Who puts everything in her mouth she can get her hands on.


Go’head and judge away. I may not always get every tiny particle when I sweep/mop, and I like giving Everly some freedom when she’s on the floor. So when I turn my head to sneeze, I may not see what she grabs at in that split second.

Because ‘split seconds’ are literally just that, and anything can happen.



{loop, swoop, and pull….it out of her mouth and let the screaming commence because folks she is angry}

Food–it could be hers or yours. Either way, it’s gone.

For example, a twinkie today.

Today she snatched a twinkie, chewed herself a nice bite, and obviously enjoyed it all like a big girl.

Today she also tried munching on a cutie orange in one of those mesh munchy pouches.

She also enjoyed that.

She has snatched dog food, and thrown a fit when I in turn snatched it from her hand.

She has snatched the straws of my Sonic drinks, coffee straws, the ice from my cup, etc.

She is a snatcher and puts everything in her mouth.

Piper did not, so this is new.

Which got me thinking.

Where does she get this from? What on earth?

And I realized, I am probably paying for my raising because I indeed put things in my mouth that did not belong when I was little.


{the exact story I’m not sure seeing as I was tiny, but it did go something along these lines}

Before I went to kindergarten, I stayed with my Gege during the day while my parents worked, and that always incurred many adventures & drinking of Diet Coke since I was about a year old.

So Gege & Poppa had this Boston Terrier when I was tiny.

{disclaimer: how this next part happened of course I don’t remember, but it is a fact it happened. I like to think it explains EVERYTHING weird about me and why I’m not normal.}

Muffin. Her name was Muffin.

And like all responsible dog owners, Gege made sure she took her heartworm medication.

Her specific medicine was pink I think.

Like candy…

Hence why I probably put it in my mouth as a toddler.


Ate it.

Yes. I ate Muffin’s heartworm pill.

Yes. I scared the living snot {thank you Tim Hawkins for bringing life to that statement} out of my Gege, and probably my mother I can imagine.

So I ate the dog’s heartworm pill. Because I snatched it and put it in my mouth.

And chewed it and ate it.

So Gege of course calls poison control, and I imagine she is panicked at this point. Although, I’ve never seen Gege panicked about anything except maybe running out of Diet Coke.

#dietcokesarethesecrettolife and I’d have to agree.

Do you know what poison control said?

  1. Were they worried? No
  2. Did they give strict instructions? No

Their response?

“She’ll be fine. She just won’t have heartworms. Have a blessed day.”

{Is that verbatum? No. Is it close? Probably.}


Dear Everly Rose,

Please refrain from putting anything more than puffs, cheetos, twinkies, and baby food in your mouth. I know I was a snatcher and will not suffer from heartworms, but I would prefer not to have to call poison control for you {although I’m afraid it will be highly possible}. I would also prefer for you to refrain from putting anything in your mouth that you can choke on. I know I can’t prevent every single possible incident, but please. Please. For your momma’s sake. I can deal with you stealing sips of my Mt. Dew or snatching my french fries or the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms; but please, no TIde pods.

K. Thanks Kid.




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