I have a tiny human assistant about 3-4 days a week that helps me pick out all of my make-up.

Sometimes 5 days. 6 counting Sundays.

Any one else?

No miniature homosapien pulling every color foundation out of your cute tin holder?

Bless your heart.

Because some may wonder why my make-up table and the floor in front of my mirror in my instagram posts is so messy.

Well because Miss Priss Make-up Artist likes to pull everything out and it keeps her busy and happy.

Usually at first I can keep her busy with some Gerber snackage…

And then sometimes it just takes playing in the mirror because she knows she’s pretty.

Regardless. I have a happy little assistant to hand me my brushes and powders and make sure my eyeshadow palettes are laid out for easy access.

And after the fact, I’m usually just on time enough to leave the house about 7-7:15am so I stash it all up on the table to just do it all over again; saving the real organizing and cleaning for the weekend when I’m usually sans make-up.

So here’s to the tiny mess maker and the messy make-up table.

We’ll meet again at 5:41am.

{because Momma’s a weirdo who likes oddly numbered alarm times}

Anyone else? No?

Well then.


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