I have very unpopular opinions…

Or at least a track record for them.

1. Mayo and Miracle Whip belong in the trash. Disgusting.

2. BBQ sauce is better than ketchup.

3. Fish. Fried, baked, whatever. Gross. No not even fried catfish. Just no.

4. Raising Canes. Gross.

5. Ranch only goes on lettuce.

6. Peeps are the Easter candy of my soul.

{and many more}

Yep. I said it. Peeps are my favorite at Easter time.

All. Of. Them.

Flavored. Yas girl.

So for those who say they go in the trash…

You’re just not eating them right. I promise.

For example…


Peeps make THE best s’mores.

Although, tonight was probably my favorite use of peeps.

Sweet potatoes.

Think about it. If you’re from the South you throw in some butter, cinnamon sugar, and most often some marshmallows into that baked sweet tator.

Peeps just put 2-in-1.

Sugar covered marshmallows.

Throw in the Peeps and all you need is the butter and cinnamon.

You think I’m kidding.

Mom of the year over here may have used the last package of them tonight to make loaded sweet potatoes to go with chicken bites & parmesan pasta.

It was definitely a win with both girls.

{and me}

And think how cute that would be for a sweet potato casserole for Easter dinner covered in marshmallow bunnies.

So for you popular people who say put them in the trash…

You can send them on down my way instead for s’mores and sweet tators.


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