Thank You {No. 1}

I cheered in high school, and I loved every minute of it.

So when the opportunity came to be my alma mater’s cheer coach, I was honestly ecstatic.

Who wouldn’t be excited to be over a program you held so dear to your heart.


Looking back now that I’m wearing her shoes and traveling to my first tournament with my girls to cheer, I need my former cheer coach to know some things.

I need her to know I’m so thankful she pushed us.

Thank you for pushing.

Thank you for grace.

Thank you for driving the bus.

Thank you for teaching and knowing the cheers.

Thank you for being strict.

Thank you for making us match, and having consequences when we didn’t.

Thank you for making us run.

Thank you for making posters for us to see the list of cheers.

Thank you for talking to us.

Thank you for telling us things about yourself and building relationships.

Thank you for having extras.

Thank you for taking us to all the games.

Thank you for taking care of us when “life” happened.

Thank you for having solutions.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for making decisions.

Thank you for being fair.

Thank you for giving us what we individually needed.

Thank you for loving red & white.

Thank you for teaching us real life values.

Thank you.

Because I know now how hard that was, and even so you did it because looking back it made us great to represent our school.




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