Pork Chops & Applesauce

I like to give my kids variety on their plates.

Fruit. Veggie. Protein. Grain.

That sounds so fancy and streamline and all government school lunch rules, but it’s true.

And easy.

Mac’n cheese = grain

Pizza= grain, dairy, and veggie/fruit

{tomato is a fruit. I always forget.}

Carrots & ranch.

Celery & ranch.

Strawberries & cool whip.

Sliced grapes.

Green beans.



Chicken bites.

Hibachi & rice.

Veggie straws.

Apple slices & peanut butter.

Jelly Sandwiches.

{thank you Fancy Nancy}

The list goes on.

My kids are good eaters usually.


As I said before, I went on the dreaded grocery run…

At the second store, bags of apples were on sale 2 for $5.

So guess what…

Homemade. Apple. Sauce.

For pancakes.




Eat out of a jar for snacks.



And it made a ton.

Yay for crockpots.

You can find all kinds of recipes on Pinterest!

It keeps well in the fridge and it makes for happy children.

Especially when you may not can get to the store for real, fresh fruit.


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