Shutdown Day 5

This feels like a dream…

I mean I’m pretty sure this is a movie.


The director is fixing to jump out and say, “CUT!”

And it’s all over?

I went to school to get a binder of stuff and a hot glue gun, and it was silent.

No rush of cars getting there for morning duty or to make early copies.

No kids in the parking lot with music.



The pollen on the sidewalk was eerily undisturbed.

No footprints. No dragging of pant hems. No wheel marks from the occasional rolling backpacks or book carts.

This is a twilight zone for us all.

Then came the grocery run because by gosh if we are home for month, I’m not coming out of my hidey hole to fight the masses over packs of hamburger meat or bread.

Aggravation was an understatement at the first store.

I left my buggy.

It was too much.

The second, smaller one was better as far as limiting customers, but the chaos of items made my anxiety rise in my throat. It was unfamiliar and I had to hunt for what I was looking for in places I didn’t know to look. I had to ask for help from a former student a few times that worked there.

An hour later, I had everything and left with a full car with every intention of not going back for a while. I

n the end it was all fine and worth it.

Perfect example of how I feel as a teacher at the moment.

We know what we need to make this work, but it’s still uncharted territory. We know what needs to get done, but we’re not exactly sure where to find it. We are relying on others for guidance and resources to make this successful for ALL students.

This is uncharted territory.

But in the end, we’ll have gotten everything we need and everything will be fine.

This will be worth it for our kids.


Oh the stories they’ll be able to tell.


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