Switcheroo {literally}

So a sweet new friend on instagram reached out asking if she could send me something, so of course I said yes!

{she is a farm wife in Iowa– they grow crops of curly willow harvested for decorative sticks– super cool}

A few days later, a box arrived with the neatest surprise for my girls {and I}.

Background knowledge: Back in January after my husband had emergency surgery, we kind of nixed eating abundances of sugary sweet things, tons of processed things, and just junky things in general. Do my kids still get candy? Yes. Do I still eat candy at times? Yes. But do we gorge on the gallon sized ziplocs full– no. Usually I’m the terrible mom that keeps a small bag of it, and takes the rest to school to give out to kids as prizes or it’s hidden away & I forget until I’m hiding the over abundance of candy from another holiday.


This surprise was actually really quite perfect.

When we opened the box, we found a boxed set with a children’s book & the matching plush which was adorable by the way just by itself!

{the packaging was precious and totally eye catching}

The story is called “Switcheroo Kangaroo” & the sweet plush kangaroo matches the character perfectly with an actual pouch!

Of course, I won’t be paraphrasing or giving away the whole story, but we read it immediately after opening the box and have read it multiple times since.

The story itself is filled with lovely rhymes, illustrations, and the concept of sharing with others who may not be as fortunate to receive as much as some.

{that last part totally reached my 5 year old’s soul seeing as she was wanting to send her drawer full of yogurt pouches & fruit snacks to the entire town}

In the story, we also have this aspect of being a problem solver {which I love}.

Switcheroo identifies a problem, looks for a solution, and then addresses it– yes to being a problem solver.

It also gives me an out to where all that holiday candy actually disappears to too– yay for me!

In a nut shell, the Switcheroo Kangaroo has solved my problem of excess candy when the holidays are over & brought the message of sharing & giving to those who may not be as fortunate straight to my doorstep!

So if you want to teach your child to share with those who may be less fortunate {I mean hello… take the bag of prepackaged candies to your local domestic violence shelter, Christian Mission, group home, somewhere… there are kids and adults who may not have had a treat like that in a long time or really ever}, how to think through and look at a problem in the world, and avoid the over abundance of sugary treats…

Then this is definitely what you’re looking for!


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