Spotlight{calf hair & leopard}

I love looking at local shops, and we just had a “new” addition as far as women’s accessories & clothing. This is literally an addition because the salon has been here for years– Studio 2204 added a boutique to their repertoire and oh my it’s fabulous.

I was doing my scroll through Facebook & saw the super popular 3-compartment purses that I’ve owned a zillion of, but this one was leopard… I have not had a leopard one so I had to start asking questions.

{side note: leopard is a staple piece in my wardrobe. if you ask my students they’ll say leopard is my favorite color}

“Is this calf hair or like a printed leather” {calf hair}


The owner graciously put one back for me to pick up this week; and I literally walked in, paid, and walked out in less than 3 minutes. Where else do you get service like that? No where–except in small towns like ours at LOCAL shops. We have several– #shopmagnoliaar

It’s such a cute little crossbody and it has a wristlet strap to attach which will be perfect to throw in a tote or E.R.’s diaper backpack.

I immediately swapped everything over to it when I got in the car because I just couldn’t help it. I may have given it a little ‘smoof’ because the ‘hair’ is so soft and it’s the next best thing to having a puppy to pet at work.

{that doesn’t sound creepy at all}

{side note: smoof- when you want to smooth out wrinkles or unwanted lines in a garment, tin foil, or stragglies in your 4 year old’s hair.}

So here I am rocking my new statement piece that didn’t even cost an arm & a leg to go to tonight’s basketball game.

{Yes I’m sure I’ll have a story from that event to tell.}

Stay tuned for a recap of Piper’s first choir program.



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