I Have a List

{First things first}

  1. Today marked the first day back to school with students. Yes– if you remember yesterday’s post–they did notice my tree was still up, questioned when it was coming down, and who needed to “sacrifice” their time to do it for me. {#studentsgotsjokes} My answers were as follows…. “When Mrs. Hurley wants it to” and “I will do it myself. Do your scavenger hunt.”
  2. Students noticed I am short… this is a given. I guess they forgot over the Christmas break seeing as I wore the same black Toms wedges the last month before school let out. I’ve been about 5’3 since I was 14. Nothing much has changed in 12 years.
  3. I should have had more than 1 green coke at school.
  4. I need more snackage in my desk.
  5. I need to bring more green cokes in my fridge {and probably more water}
  6. Pencils are a must.
  7. It was not a good idea to put all my earrings in my ears {I have 3 in each side} after not wearing any for almost 3 weeks…ouch.
  8. Chocolate. Have you ever smelled homemade chocolate syrup cooking… it’s magical as if the Keebler elves themselves were having a party in your kitchen. Also, yes, this is jarred and ready to go for anyone who wants any!
  9. Seriously debating doing the Blossom Festival with jarred goodies, painted goods, and a few other fun things.
  10. Today was a reminder of “this is why I teach.” High schoolers are funny, witty, and will tell you anything. I heard countless stories of who did what on their break and I loved it. It also doesn’t hurt to hear “Mrs. Hurley I missed you.” Lie Again…is usually my answer, but you can’t help but let that sink in and pray to the Good Lord that maybe you’re doing something right.

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