BBC {Recipe}

I like making things up in the kitchen.

Obviously since I like making my ‘jarred stuff’ to sell.

So I had seen my mom make this corn in a skillet with bacon one time.

I remember it tasting kinda sweet & had the little bacon pieces in it so when we decided to have a family date night Saturday, I thought that would go well with our steaks & potatoes.

Corn goes with everything right?

So if you like super sweet stuff, bacon, and corn; then this is right up your alley.

**I also took this a step further for my supper last night & my lunch today and added sliced grilled sausage into it.**

I took a package of thick cut bacon, cooked it in the over on a baking sheet lined with foil at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, and cut it up into little chunks.

It will not be totally crispy yet–you don’t want it over cooked because it will cook more in the skillet.

Then I dumped 2 cans of whole kernel corn {currently on sale at Walmart for 50 cents} with the chunked/chopped bacon, about 1tsp of onion powder sprinkled over, and a half tsp of garlic powder & some salt for good measure.

Then comes the deliciousness– 3/4 C BROWN SUGAR.

It will caramelize on the bacon chunks. {Just O.M.G.}

Now cook it all over medium/high heat {my stove knobs are in 8’s so I had it on a 5/6} until the sugar and everything is bubbly when you stir it & add a good dollop of butter{10-15ish minutes}.

Babysit that skillet, the last thing you want is burned sugar or burned bacon.

I let it ‘simmer’ on low for about 10 minutes as I stirred until it was time to actually eat.

I’ll be making this again {mostly just for me because Husband is not a big sweet corn fan} and probably cooking the sausage in it to carmelize.


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