Weekend Rush

Let’s put this simply.

This weekend was a tad bit of a blur.

It started off with Friday getting the Walmart trip done right after school with a couple errands; that is a MAJOR check off my list. Got home, and even prepped tacos to eat on, got all the dishes done, some laundry going, started on apple butter jars, and felt pretty accomplished for a Friday.

{I also may have eaten a frozen pizza for supper}

Then Saturday came, and we got up, folded laundry, got a couple of little things done, and then headed to town to go back to Walmart {of course for a few things I forgot…}, got redboxes for lunch {that would be the glorious happy meal that is McDonald’s–we are going to have some major issues when they rebuild our local store}, picked up gifts for my ‘fixin’-to-be sister-in-law’s church wedding shower, delivered said gifts & watched her open some before going to a best friend’s gender reveal party. After said gender reveal party & catching up with other best friends, we finally headed home–both children royally passed smooth out in the backseat on the drive home.

Then the real fun began when we got home.

It was grillin’ time. Cookin’ time. Whatever you want to call it.

Husband was off so that called for a family date night at home. Complete with those glorious Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls.

{They never put enough icing in those little containers, so I fixed that with a jar of extra on the side. I may have also put brownie batter on it–delish}

And I tried out a new “recipe” if you want to call it that…Halfway made up, halfway had seen my mom cook it before.

Unfortunately, Husband was not a fan, but I was extremely fond of it & ended up mixing the leftover grilled sausage into it and it was amazing.

I’m going to call it “BB Corn” for short.

Brown sugar. Bacon fried. Corn.

“recipe” here.

You’ll like it if you’re a fan of candied bacon & of sweet crunch.

If you don’t like sweet bacon or corn, then you will want to refrain.

We also tried the Mardi Gras Blue Bell—another piece of Heaven if you ask me to go with their Cookie Two Step, Christmas Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Cotton Candy flavors.

God knew we needed hope on Earth so he sent Blue Bell Ice Cream.

{Thank you sweet Jesus.}

Then Sunday came….and let’s be relatable here moms…

Let’s be REAL.

You get everyone ready, you even get your own hair and everything fixed, you’re getting the tiny human’s shuffled to get out the door, and you smell {it}. Yes, it. You think, “Oh let me lay her down real quick on the couch, change her, and we’ll be right out the door in 2 minutes.”

You is hopeful. You is wrong. You know better.

So you lay the tiny human #2 down… strip off the diaper, and realize {it} is up the back of the beautiful little church outfit…

You take a deep breath. Tell the not so tiny human #1 to go play, take your shoes & jewelry off, and get the messy tiny human all cleaned up and in new clothes with a bottle.

Because after the 10-15 minute ordeal of cleaning everything, there’s no way to remotely make it to church on time.


So more dishes were cleaned, a few things were picked up, then we regathered ourselves to go in to town for lunch, and for the actual wedding shower–which was fabulous BTW.

By the time we got back to my inlaws’, Piper was convinced she needed to stay and play so I took that opportunity to get E down for a nap & finish ‘finding joy’ in the girls’ room.

Needless to say, they finally have all their clothes put up, cleaned out, and I feel less anxiety walking in there. Now maybe to find joy in their playroom next… {just oof}

Now to sum up the weekend, when washing my face for work in the shower… I got a nice glob of my exfoliating face wash, lathered it a little…and put it in my hair… it took 2-3 minutes to realize what I had done.

{Took a couple of washes to get it out because it has those cute little pink beads in it to scrub}

So here’s to a little slower pace this week, organizing things, more projects like bows & door hangers, home ballgames, and hopefully more baby calves.


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