Not a Runner

I am not a runner.

Straight mom-bod over here.

Did I used to be?

When my coaches made me in athletics…

In school…

Almost 10 years ago…

Now I can’t speak for mommas who gave birth in other ways, but after a c-section…

Running, jogging, or brisk walking is not something you just up and do after your 6 weeks of healing.

Don’t try.

4 steps in and you think there’s a whole other child trying to make his or her entrance into the world.

But guess what… not a child.

Just your innards trying to figure out why you’re trying to evict them by way of that fresh battle scar.

{or not so fresh—ease into it ladies}

So a little after a year since my last c-section, I started running.

1 lap on the track at a time with my ever so encouraging cheerleaders.

Then we changed that to walk the curves, run the straights so I didn’t keel over…

Then we did 2 laps instead of 1…

Then I started my c25k app.

And here we are on week 3, and yes if you listen to me breathe you’d think I’d need to go to the hospital or in need of an inhaler of some sort—I don’t so just leave me be. Just give your friendly nod and mind your own biscuits. I’ll make it back to my car at the end of the workout.

No worries friends.

My favorite spots to run are our driveway…

Because I love our pasture and the land and the view and just our home in general…

And the farm road at SAU

I mean look at those cows just waiting to cheer on the runners of the road…

Or for someone to talk to and pet them…

I have no regrets of starting running.

My only regret is not pushing myself and starting sooner because I’d be so much farther ahead on this fitness and health journey.

Mommas I know it’s hard to find time or make it for that matter to take care of yourself and be active.


Sometimes it takes literally making time. Asking for help. Taking your run in the afternoon then doing the dishes later. Staying up later to do yoga with your 5 yr old.


The fact you did something for yourself is what’s important. Be kind to yourself.

Have grace. Patience.

But never regret taking time to be active and being healthier for your family or yourself in general.

Take a moment.

“Go hunting” as another blogger recently called it.

But ladies {and gents}, love yourself and take care of your earthly shell— we don’t get another one.

Oh and MOST importantly… make a killer playlist for it.


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