A Few of my Favorite Things {recently}

Just a few things I am currently loving…

  1. Headbands

I have 2 sweet precious angels who LOVE to help me get ready in the mornings.

{LITERALLY. Look at those fingerprints on the mirror that I can’t bring myself to wipe off.}

So getting my hair ready to go sometimes gets put on the back burner, and I throw on a cute headband & call it good.

These on Amazon are perfect!


I love the pearl details, and they are so comfortable— I usually have a problem with how headbands grip behind my ears and I always end up with a headache. These are soft, stretchy, and they come in 3 colors for $10! So that’s less than $4 each–total steal.

2. Persona Vitamins

I’ve said it a thousand times, but I am trying to be as healthy as I can for multiple reasons.

I knew I needed a vitamin, but wasn’t totally sure what I needed and reading articles & looking in to a zillion other things can confuse you even more than before you started.

I had seen the different companies advertised that will “build a pack” for you based on assessments and things like that, so I went online and tried to see which company was actually best & picked Persona.

I took a several, several, several question health assessment then it built a daily vitamin regiment based on my assessment {morning pack & a night time pack}. I was able to take away any supplement that I didn’t want or add in something I knew for a fact I needed. Each supplement is explained and they have nutritionists on the chat line for any questions you have. Then they send you your 28 day supply in personalized packaging that includes all the nutritional facts and information on your personalized packs of vitamins straight to your door, and you pull them from the box like a dispensary. They are stamped morning and night for you, and you can adjust your monthly supply as needed.

Link { http://fbuy.me/v/sallyegirl19 }

This link is a referral, but if you use it then they send you $25 off!

3. New Bible & Tabs

I have posted this about 3 times now, but I just LOVE this new Bible & the tabs.

Ahem* I may have specifically ordered these tabs because I failed Awana & mix up all the books of the Old Testament… especially when it comes to those little ones like Hosea…Amos…Like I need a tab for that… sorry.

I also love the NIV translation & the margins to journal in & doodle.

And the cover…it’s beautifulllllll.

There are several other designs too!

Pink Floral– https://amzn.to/37C46Gb

Mint Floral- https://amzn.to/2TZ4c6V

Black & Gold- https://amzn.to/310OKZi

Antique Floral & leather- https://amzn.to/2Rxt1Fa

Floral Tabs- https://amzn.to/2RCfRah

4. Southern Farm Co.

LOVE this clothing company!

I have never seen a shirt so appropriate for me.

{besides Bossy Britches}

FARMER-ISH (Royal Blue)

{and the others too like Thank a Farmer—uh yes please}


Absolutely correct.

Am I out in the middle doing cow work? No. Do I make phone calls to order farm stuff? Yup.

I swear that’s why we got married so I could make the phone calls.

{totally joking}

But I try to do my part to “help”.

File receipts, call for things, sign papers, bring Powerade slushes during hay season, bring bottles of water when the Husband is working cows…

Naming cows counts too right?

Getting tools out to meet Husband on the porch with?

Yes. Totally Farmer-ish.


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